Chosen by global leaders

Proud to partner with OEM and IT alliances

Calgary Scientific supports partners who are the world’s largest and most respected global equipment manufacturers. We have also partnered with some of the biggest names in telecommunication, data networks and computer hardware.

Displayed below are a subset of our partners. Not all partners legally allow display of their logo.

Luminary Partnerships

Advancing medical technology together

In tandem with insights that comes from our market partners, Calgary Scientific maintains continuing relationships with leading luminaries advancing North American and global medical practices to ensure our technology not only advances the utility, efficiency, speed and security of medical technology but improves the diagnostic ability and quality of life of healthcare providers in hospitals and clinics worldwide.

We collaborate on research, use case studies, and trials with the internationally-recognized Yale School of Medicine, the State University of New York, (SUNY,) the University of Calgary’s Department of Medicine and the Foothills Medical Centre – the largest hospital in Alberta, Canada. Visit Resources for examples of joint research and use cases with our luminary allies.

A few words for our partners

  • The Calgary Scientific solution represents the future of viewing technology.

    - Janine Broda, Chief Marketing Officer at Compressus
  • We believe the Company sits at the cusp of major technological growth areas; with
    technological change and innovation in the healthcare industry as well as cloud
    computing and big data.

    - Majd Kitmitto, Analyst at Aston Hill
  • The ability to view diagnostic quality images on mobile devices promises to speed healthcare delivery, particularly for urgent conditions or after hours.

    - James A. Brink, MD Professor and Chair, Department of Diagnostic Radiology at Yale University School of Medicine
  • PureWeb platform can simplify application management for many organizations
    through virtualization; it also has the potential to revolutionize the web, mobile and
    real-time advanced collaboration.

    - Ian Song, Senior Research Analyst with IDC
  • We evaluated various solutions before making a decision to partner with Calgary Scientific, and it was our conclusion that CSI could substantiate their selling points and deliver on their unique PureWeb technology and overall commitments to vRad.

    - Rick Jennings, vRad Chief Technology Officer
  • Calgary Scientific's products boast some of the most meaningful features for today's market.

    - Nadim Daher, Analyst at Frost & Sullivan
  • PureWeb's zero-footprint server-client architecture is among the 'thinnest' in the
    market in that it requires no initial download, no proprietary software outside of
    standard browsers, works on a wide range of devices…

    - Nadim Daher, Analyst at Frost & Sullivan
  • After more than one year of extensive market research and technical analysis
    we are very satisfied with the OEM cooperation with Calgary Scientific.

    - Jörg Holstein, Managing Director of VISUS
  • Medweb is very excited to partner with Calgary Scientific to extend
    our advanced web-based radiology visualization solutions…

    - Dr. Peter Kilcommons M.D., President of Medweb
  • This partnership will allow us to deliver our PACS in a whole new way,
    which opens up new markets and expands our product's value…

    - Franck Robert, General Manager at Softway