PureWeb® - a unique approach to application modernization 

PureWeb is the underlying technology that enables mobile access to applications in Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Design. 


Your team can securely access native design information using PureWeb Design
Enterprise Image-Viewer, ResolutionMD allows practitioners to diagnose remotely



ResolutionMD® - Mobile first medical solutions 

Securely view patient images from a wide variety of computers and mobile devices, collaborate with other practitioners and diagnose from any location.




PureWeb® Design  - Better design decision making 

Change the way your design teams securely access native design information and collaborate to make more informed and quicker decisions.



Latest Blog

Looking for a Mobile Image-Viewer at RSNA? Don’t Be Duped.

Here Are 9 Questions to Ask Before Making a Decision If you’re headed to RSNA next week with the intention of looking for an enterprise image-viewer, you may want to take a moment to prepare because,...Read more

Latest News

Calgary Scientific Inc. and Data Distributing Partner to Extend Mobile Access to Medical Images

Calgary, AB – Nov 30, 2015 – Calgary Scientific Inc., a company known for creating innovative technology for the medical industry and beyond, today announced a partnership with Data Distributing to...Read more


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