PureWeb® - a unique approach to application modernization 

PureWeb is the underlying technology that enables mobile access to applications in Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Design. 


Your team can securely access native design information using PureWeb Design
Enterprise Image-Viewer, ResolutionMD allows practitioners to diagnose remotely



ResolutionMD® - Mobile first medical imaging solutions 

Securely view patient images from a wide variety of computers and mobile devices, collaborate with other practitioners and diagnose from any location.




PureWeb® Design  - Better design decision making 

Change the way your design teams securely access native design information and collaborate to make more informed and quicker decisions.



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5 Ways Enterprise-Wide Imaging Positively Impacts the Financial Health and Brand Image of Hospitals

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Latest News

Data Democratization with Cloud Technology in Healthcare (via Amazon Partner Network)

Written by Christopher Crosbie MPH, MS and AWS Partner Network (APN) Solutions Architect As a Healthcare and Life Science-focused Partner Solutions Architect, I have an opportunity to meet with a...Read more


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