PureWeb® SDK - Rapid Migration of Complex Applications to the Cloud

The PureWeb SDK is the underlying technology for enabling high performance cloud-based solutions for graphics-intensive applications in healthcare, oil & gas, design and beyond.


Your team can securely access native design information using PureWeb Design
Enterprise Image-Viewer, ResolutionMD allows practitioners to diagnose remotely



ResolutionMD® - Mobile first medical imaging solutions 

Securely view patient images from a wide variety of computers and mobile devices, collaborate with other practitioners and diagnose from any location.




PureWeb® Design  - Better design decision making 

Change the way your design teams securely access native design information and collaborate to make more informed and quicker decisions.



Latest Blog

Capturing Value from Patient Image Data to Advance Healthcare

The role of patient imaging is shifting and changing in virtually every area of healthcare. At a very basic level, the sheer amount of patient data is growing and expanding across specialties. The...Read more

Latest News

Calgary Scientific Enters CAD and Conferencing Markets Leveraging New Services from Amazon Web Services

Calgary, AB – November 29, 2016 – Calgary Scientific Inc. today announces two new solutions based on its patented PureWeb® technology to bring web, mobile and cloud access to new markets....Read more


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