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Whitepaper: Image Data Strategies for the Post-Consolidation Healthcare Enterprise

Since 2010, healthcare has been undergoing major changes, as smaller institutions merge with large hospital and healthcare systems.

The goal of these mergers and acquisitions is to save money and increase operational efficiencies by consolidating resources and infrastructure. Healthcare is a pillar of the US economy and changes in healthcare economics have broad and lasting impacts. Learn about advancing from site-based to system-wide image viewing.

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Whitepaper: Clinical Mobile Adoption

Whitepaper: Clinical Mobile Adoption

Learn how supporting workflows enables high value patient care.

To learn more about the current state of mobile adoption for clinical care, we interviewed industry experts and clinical leaders. The broad ranging discussion of this research addressed mobile device adoption, why doctors are demanding mobile access to information, and how current workflows can be optimized.

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Image-enabling the Enterprise

Whitepaper: Image-enabling the Enterprise

It is critical that healthcare enterprises have systems in place that provide quick and easy access to images, so practitioners can get accurate treatment plans in the hands of patients faster. With so many different solutions to choose from, IT organizations face a daunting task in selecting the most appropriate enterprise-viewing solution.

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eBook: Top 6 Considerations for Advancing Healthcare via Mobile Image Data Access

eBook: Top 6 Considerations for Advancing Healthcare via Mobile Image Data Access

Over the past eight years, healthcare delivery has transformed from primarily paper-based to digital.

Learn the top considerations for advancing healthcare via mobile image data access in this free eBook.

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Whitepaper: Making Mobile Enterprise Imaging Easier

Whitepaper: Making Mobile Enterprise Imaging Easier

Find out what to look for in a secure accredited and quality system.

In this whitepaper, discover how healthcare providers are benefiting from an enterprise image viewing platform with powerful mobile capabilities.

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The Importance of Using an Accredited Enterprise Image-viewing Solution

Whitepaper: The Importance of Using an Accredited Enterprise Image-viewing Solution

The Healthcare industry is more dynamic than ever before. Innovative technologies have significantly enhanced the way medical practitioners diagnose patients, review images, seek second opinions, communicate results and generally approach the care they give. According to the Government Accountability Office, 75% of all imaging procedures are performed outside of the hospital setting. Because images are now being accessed remotely, it has become crucial to understand if the technology has been accredited. If it has not, diagnosis or treatment decisions using that technology should never be made.

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Whitepaper: The Path to Seamless Mobile Implementation

Whitepaper: The Path to Seamless Mobile Implementation

Mobile Health IT: A solution to the challenges of enterprise wide-image access

Given the clear benefits of providing image access via smartphones and tablets, adopting mobile health IT should be a simple proposition. However, as every health IT executive and manager knows, integrating mobile devices into today’s complex health IT environments is no easy task. Learn how to successfully overcome mobile IT barriers and are create reliable and secure support for mobile health information access.

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Whitepaper: The Road to Telehealth 2.0 is Mobile

Whitepaper: The Road to Telehealth 2.0 is Mobile

Learn about the benefits of a mobile first strategy.

Interest in telehealth is on the rise because of the benefits forward thinking organizations are seeing which include greater access to providers, lower costs and higher quality care. Despite these benefits, the road to telehealth adoption continues to be long and steep. Learn how these barriers have been overcome with a mobile first approach.

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Data Sheet: ResolutionMD®

Download the ResolutionMD data sheet.

ResolutionMD software provides secure access to patient images and data. Collaborate and diagnose from mobile or web. Click the download button below to learn more.

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Feature Sheet: ResolutionMD®

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For an in-depth look at the features of Calgary Scientific's zero-footprint enterprise viewing platform, click the download link below.

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