A New Approach for Migrating Demanding Applications to the Cloud

We are well into the mobile/cloud era, where businesses need and expect their software to be accessible any time, anywhere on their mobile devices with natural, intuitive user interfaces and rich fidelity. But many of the applications we need were built for the prior generation of desktop PC-oriented access and user interfaces, as well as client/server backend computing across a corporate LAN environment. Modern mobile processors are great at delivering an intuitive UI with minimal power consumption, but truly graphics-intensive and big data applications require server-grade hardware (CPU/GPU) and power.

The PureWeb®  SDK bridges these gaps, bringing these demanding business critical, graphics and data intensive applications to the mobile/cloud world and enabling them to be delivered from public, private or hybrid clouds to any web browser or mobile device.


Access your software from any web browser or mobile device  

  • Leverage the time and money already invested in existing applications by wrapping them into web services that are deployable to public, private or hybrid clouds.
  • Extend the reach of your application to any web browser or mobile device. Build the interaction and workflow best suited to the target platform - HTML5, iOS or Android.


Secure and High Performance

  • Only rendered images of the data are transferred over the wire. Protected data remains behind the firewall and off web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Avoid performance bottlenecks typically introduced by client hardware and network conditions by rendering large graphics and complex data sets on the server-side and engaging adaptive streaming technology.


Enhance the User Experience with Real-Time Collaboration

  • Improve productivity and speed decision-making by enabling multiple users in remote locations around the world to access and collaborate over a shared view of the large data sets and graphics.
  • Embed voice and video directly into you application eliminating the need to install separate conferencing software