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PureWeb® Design is a service that provides remote
access to your CAD models, keeping your files securely
in your control. Connect with clients without
distributing your data or models.


Offered now via a SaaS solution for Rhino CAD users, where we run the infrastructure and you can subscribe to the service. You can also deploy the service on your own AWS infrastructure. 

Secure cloud

Keep your files secure and in your control.

Unlike other CAD cloud solutions, files are not uploaded, imported or “locked in”. With PureWeb Design we don’t move or convert your files.

Access to your full model.

With PureWeb Design, your data is rendered by CAD applications running powerful GPUs in the cloud. Graphics are streamed to your device, so no data is downloaded or cached. Your data stays safe, even if you lose your device. This is much more powerful than today’s in-browser WebGL-based viewers, which convert the data, simplify models, lose valuable metadata and only render what is visible.

Self managed SaaS pay-as-you-go service

Integrate with leading cloud storage.

With the SaaS pay-as-you-go service, you can access your files through Box and Dropbox integration. When you deploy PureWeb Design self-managed, your admin can attach AWS S3 buckets to the service so you can browse and open your files. Keep data across your team in sync.


Get access to your permanent meeting room.

With PureWeb Design (SaaS) for RhinoCAD users, your account includes a URL customized the way you want it so you can remember it. This URL can be forwarded to collaborators as a meeting and sharing place. Self-managed users can share a collaboration URL that is valid for the session to invite others.

Access your CAD models and invite your team to view simultaneously.

Once connected, you and your collaborators share the same view. Interact simultaneously with the same 3D model. Hosts can send invitations and revoke interaction requests from collaborators.


Mark-up models and capture.

Draw over models and identify other collaborators' annotations by their own distinct color. Capture and download images to save for offline viewing.


Fully interact with your model: Rotate. Pan. Zoom.

Select your model, or parts of it. Zoom in and rotate. Select measurement tools to perform linear, area and volume measurements. Change render modes between wireframe and fully rendered. Even access Rhino commands with your model though the command-line tool (SaaS only).

Pay-as-you-go, or download and deploy on your own cloud.

Organizations can simply subscribe to the Software as a Service (SaaS) model through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and add users for centralized account management and billing. Customers pay by the hour, for only what they use. Or, organizations can choose a different deployment model and run PureWeb Design in their own AWS account by subscribing to the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and deploying it to one or more instances.




How can users access files?


Access your files through popular cloud storage solutions like Box and Dropbox. Keep your project organized across your team and models at your fingertips on the go. Even large files in Box and Dropbox open in PureWeb Design in seconds.

PureWeb Design (SaaS) is powered by Rhino3D and can access all Rhino3D supported file types.


Configure your AMI to attach one or more AWS S3 buckets. PureWeb Design provides an intuitive user interface to browse through storage buckets, folders and CAD files.

PureWeb Design (AMI) is powered by Techsoft3D and can access all Techsoft3D supported file types.


How are users managed?


PureWeb Design SaaS subscribers have the ability to invite members of their company or organization to their account. Invited members create their own account and meeting space. Usage of all members is billed centrally to the subscriber’s account.


The administrator of the deployed AMI has full control about how to allow and restrict access to PureWeb Design.


How does hourly billing work?


PureWeb Design subscribers are being billed by the hour of usage. Additional members of a subscriber’s organization are billed through AWS directly to the subscriber’s account.


Subscribers are billed directly through AWS by the hour of the AMI’s runtime in addition to the price of the infrastructure. Cost control options can include scripts to only run the PureWeb Designinstance during business hours.


What file formats are supported? 


PureWeb Design (SaaS) is powered by Rhino3D and can access all Rhino3D supported file types.


PureWeb Design (AMI) is powered by Techsoft3D and can access all Techsoft3D supported file types.




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