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FDA cleared for diagnostic viewing on iPhone,
iPad and Android

ResolutionMD™ Mobile is our state-of-the-art medical viewing product, enabling instant access to radiology diagnostic images and reports from mobile devices. FDA-cleared for diagnostic viewing on the iPhone, iPad and Android, ResolutionMD Mobile brings together all of the viewing tools needed to make a diagnosis including 2D, MIP/MPR, 3D and interactive collaboration.

ResolutionMD Mobile is in use at multiple world-renowned medical institutions – including the Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona – where pilot studies have provided evidence to support regulatory approvals.

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Features and Specifications

ResolutionMD Mobile enables viewing of medical images and reports on inexpensive iOS and Android mobile devices; eliminating the need to purchase additional workstations.

  • FDA-cleared for diagnostic viewing on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Laptop and desktop computers
  • Instant access to patient data.
  • Unparalleled security, no downloads mean no risk of data loss.
  • Works with existing image and reporting archives.
  • Works on modern web browsers, iOS & Android mobile devices.
  • Interactive 2D, 3D & MIP/MPR diagnostic imaging.

Product Features Overview (PDF)

  • Medical Mobility – delivers quality of life to physicians enables on-the-move viewing and diagnosis, collaboration with other specialists all from tablets and smartphones.
  • Ease of adoption – attuned to physician and healthcare specialist workflows, interactions, collaboration and patient needs.
  • FDA cleared – for diagnostic capabilities.
  • Diagnostic speed – access patient scans in seconds.
  • Ease of access – viewing patient scans is no longer limited to expensive, location-specific workstations.
  • Reduced cost – savings through elimination of expensive and redundant storage systems.
  • Collaboration - real time collaborative medicine with viewing and technology control shared among multiple users on their laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
  • Multitasking – physicians and radiologists on smartphones can switch back and forth between ResolutionMD and other tasks on their mobile, like answering the phone, without closing the app.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS 

Server Operating Systems Support

  • RHEL

Mobile Support

  • Apple
  • Google Android

Validated Devices

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5
  • iPad, iPad 2, New iPad, iPad Mini
  • Galaxy tab 10.1
  • LG Optimus LTE

ResolutionMD is platform and browser agnostic, runs on both Mac and Windows and supports Android and iOS devices. Now ResolutionMD 3.2 adds these features to the award-winning, FDA-cleared technology….

  • Related Studies - Easy access to entire patient history, avoid time-consuming procedures like performing multiple searches and loading studies individually
  • Split-view mode - View images from multiple studies, and compare them side-by-side
  • Key image objects (KO) - View any key images that have been previously saved with an imaging study
  • New Modalities - Support for Ophthalmology (OP), Endoscopy (ES)
  • Improved data loading performance - Reduced loading times so users can interact with images more quickly
  • Multitenant - Manage multiple hospitals on a single server while ensuring data is entirely secure for each individual institution

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