A New Approach to Application Modernization and Cloud Migration

Hundreds of thousands of desktop and workstation applications written in C++, .NET or Java (for Windows or Linux) are neither accessible on web and mobile devices, nor possible to host on clouds (public, private or hybrid).  Existing approaches to this problem include VDI, which works for some applications but lacks user interface flexibility,  struggles with graphical and interactive software and delivers poor options for mobility. The other approach is to re-write the application, a non-starter for many CIO/CTO’s due to time, cost and risk.

PureWeb® software is a unique and proven platform that quickly moves your enterprise applications from workstation, desktop, and rich client architectures to the connected world, without the need to re-write code.


Access your software from any device  

  • Lightweight and easy to integrate with your application
  • Virtualizes your application, transforming it into a service consumable from web and mobile devices
  • Enables high-performance mobile access to the functionality you need, without the cost and time of a re-write


Fully secure and fast

  • The unique architecture keeps data behind the firewall and off mobile devices
  • Leverage server-grade hardware to handle high performance processing and rendering of large data sets
  • Real time interaction with your application even under the most challenging network conditions


Empower employees to work together on live data

  • Enables fully secure, real-time collaboration with multiple users inside or outside your company
  • Voice and video are embedded within your application, eliminating the need to install separate collaboration or conferencing software
  • Gain quick access to your data with 100% fidelity without needing to copy or move files to your device