ResolutionMD™ Medical Imaging Software Receives FDA Clearance for Android

Posted by Kyle Peterson on Tue, Apr 9, 2013

medical imaging software - fda clearance for android devices

Written by Kyle Peterson, Director of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs.

The United States (US) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared Calgary Scientific Inc.'s innovative ResolutionMD™ software for diagnosis on the Android platform. ResolutionMD™ allows users to view and diagnose medical images across mobile devices, including both smartphones and tablets. With this clearance, medical institutions of all types have another option when it comes to accessing medical images on mobile devices.

When time is of the essence, medical practitioners can get the information they need when they need to have it, rather than waiting precious minutes to view images. The program acts as a mobile PACS workstation, which gives medical experts better access to the images and advanced functionality they need to perform their jobs. Thanks to patented technology, the data is never stored on any device, keeping each patient's sensitive information secure. This separates ResolutionMD™ from basic viewers, where the information may be stored on numerous devices.

Helping People, Saving Money

The medical imaging software helps institutions keep their costs down while simultaneously improving patient care. A study at the Mayo Clinic in 2012 showed that those using the radiology software interpreted CT scans of stroke victims an average of eleven minutes faster per patient. As anyone in the medical community knows, eleven minutes can easily be the difference between life and death and every second counts.

While previously limited to a computer, iPad or iPhone, the popular Android devices give practitioners a new choice. The freedom of choice presented by using Android means that medical institutions will be able to select a device based on their standards or preferences.

ResolutionMD™ is ideal for specialist physicians and radiology professionals who want improved access to medical imagery and diagnosis capabilities from anywhere.

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